Thursday, December 4, 2014

... Stylie / Colorfull Thursday ...

Today I had a meeting with agency and mall management for New Years Eve project that I handle
At first, I think to wear some of formal outfit, off course on my way hihihi
but lately, because my office is event organize & communications, which is the people are dress casually, it will be look strange if I wear formal hahahaha. especially my workmates mostly boy with tees, hoodie, denim and sneakers. so hmmm... it's kind of tricky things hahahaha
I decided to wear these 2 items that I found on Thrift Store hahahaha
one is my black dress and also my favorite, the second is my colorfull blazer 
so here Iam in casual outfit with a touch of color blazer. 

... Event / TuYouLoveMe Exhibition ...

Today I drop by to Gardu House,
Gardu House is kind of art community in Jakarta
they had so many art exhibition

Now they have an art exhibition by TuYouLoveMe,
an artist from Jogjakarta
Here's some of his art :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

... Life / Step Out! ...

New month. New work. New Things. New team. New chapters
Bismillah :)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

... Stylie / JFW 15 : The Body Shop ...

It's Jakarta Fashion Week 2015
It's one of biggest prestigious fashion event in Indonesia
Lucky me, I've got an VIP Invitation from The Body Shop Indonesia
they collaborated with 3 great designer from Indonesia : Kle, Cotton Ink and Ardistia New York
the show was held on Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at Fashion Tent JFW 2015 - Senayan City

Here's some of the collection from the show :)

... Stylie / JFW 15 : Mazda Young & Vibrant ...

Lucky me, I've got an invitation to attend fashion show from "Mazda : Young & Vibrant Show"
there's 3 young designers in this show : Alex (a) Lexa, Hartono Gan and Hunting Field on November 6th, 2014

I've got an invitation from my dearest friend, Heidy
She's a former Managing Editor Female Indonesia Magazine and now work for cullinary and hospitality magazine. Thank you, Mak!

Here's a few things from the show :)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

... Work / MALE # 106 Part 2 ...

Here's my work for ACCENT page on MALE Magz 2nd Birthday Edition :)
Because this is for special edition, so we have female model on it
I love this spread because not only for special edition, 
but because it colorful! 
yes, I love colors :D

Happy birthday, MALE Magazine!
Wish u all the best :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

... Work / MALE # 106 Part 1 ...

MALE 2nd Birthday Edition!
I was so honored that 2 of my work on ACCENT (fashion spread) and DETAILS (product info) are published in this edition

thank you! thank you thank you!!!
so here's the DETAILS page from MALE Magz 2nd Birthday Edition
ACCENT page is on next post :)

Monday, November 3, 2014

... Life / In 4 Months ...


It's almost 4 months I didn't write anything here
Lots of things happen in 4 months 

On August, I resign from my daily job. things didn't work well I guess
Im sad, because I do the best I can do. but well, we cannot pleased everyone :)

On September, I had my almost one month vacation in Bali
It such a blessing to me. because it's been 2 yers I didn't go there, and I really wish I can go
and voila! I go to Bali for almost one month! 
Celebrate my birthday, had a styling project, and also vacation
maybe I will post about it someday hihihihi

On October, I start to be a fashion stylist in a serious way.
I used to be stylist for my friend, or some side project. 
but now, I do it regulary for my paycheck hahahaha
also go to everywhere, meet new people, attend any invitation, makes some connection
and the good things, I can take care my online radio also music weblog which I partner with my friend

On November and still going on, preparing some personal project
making my own brand and small shop with my friend
still going on to be stylist and hopefully more projects coming soon

To be honest, I feel afraid
afraid that everythings doesnt work well
but I believe, as long I do it seriously and do my best,
I will make it :)

So bring it on and ready to rock n roll!
wish me luck :)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

... Stylie / Make Over Me ....

So this is the result from my make over
This is my first time using nude lipstick, looks good on me. I'm glad hahahaha.
So what do you think about the make over?

Denim Shirt & Colorfull Sweater - unbranded | Fringe Tassels Necklace - Mika | Denim Pants - LM for HW | Studded Slip-on Sneakers - Airwalk | Tote Bag - Giordano

... Event / Click Beauty ...

I love shopping. I guess most of the girls loves to shop hahahaha
And I loves to do online shopping these past 4 years, because it's simple and I don't need to face the traffic jam *winkwink

But shop online can be tricky and unsecure if we don't know how and not be carefull especially about our personal data such as credit card numbers or password. 
Also sometimes we disapointed because the stuff we ordered are not same as the pics we saw in internet. So when you shop online, you shud be carefull and be sure.

Yesterday, I attend an invitation from The Body Shop - "Click On Beauty"
Where we can meet up and talk about online shopping

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

... Work / MALE # 105 ...

Another work for MALE Magazine
this time is for Details, it's a products page 
Here's the Details :)